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TOP STOP® - The solution!

How many times have we had to receive a patient without an appointment because of problems with the wire?
TOP STOP keeps the arch in its place and protects both ends, so it is imposible that wire ends can hurt a patient.
Advantages of the Top Stop

for Patients

  • The bow don't puncture in the back of the arcade.
  • Don't make it painful sores.
  • Don't need to locate your dentist for emergency .
  • Keep the arch in its site.
  • The patient has no problems with his dentist.
  • The patient is comfortable with the orthodontics treatment.
  • Orthodontics, not bother you, doesn't limit your normal life.
  • The patient, doesn't try to remove the bow, nor break bracketts.
  • Both, the patient's family as the patient, doesn't suffer the pain.

For the orthodontist

  • We avoid this kind of emergency (pain, damage the device) so there is no changes in the patients schedule, and the scheduled patients doesn't wait due to the unespected emergency.
  • If a patient has an emergency gives a bad image to the clinic, both professional and orthodontics itself.
  • Saves "chair time" in each treatment, less visits for each treatment (= saving money)
  • The patient will not damage the device due to the discomfort, so the orthodontist saves material (= saving money).
  • The patient or the family was "upset" about not having a 24 hour service available to meet the emergency. (= Saving money).
  • When the patient more comfortable, will promote your clinic because is “orthodontic pain free”.
  • If the patient is more comfortable will be more collaborative with the instructions of the orthodontist and a better doctor-patient relationship, since the dr.  is the cause of your pain.
  • The most effective treatment is uninterrupted.
  • The treatment takes less time.
  • The TOP-STOP allows longer arcs, when we go to the anterior vestibularizar, without changing it for one of the same caliber because we have fallen short (= saving money).
  • Saves patient visits to go cut the excess distal arch to the tubes in cases such as: molar derotation, when we got an impacted maxillary canine, or when retruded anterior (= saving money)
  • There is no other alternative in the market. The orthodontic wax is traversed with ease by the end of the arc.
  • When using the TOP-STOP function does not cancel the arch action because it is an elastic element.
  • We do not need metal arches with caps, that can change the outcome if not placed in the right place, also when there is severe crowding is very difficult to place the metal caps.
  • The TOP-STOP serves both pipe bands such as direct bonding.
  • The TOP-STOP is for all bracketts orthodontic techniques and all trademarks.
  • The TOP-STOP can be used both as sectional arches from molar to molar.
  • The TOP-STOP can be used with double arches.
  • The TOP-STOP is a one size so you do not need a large stock in the clinic.
  • Easy to use, and once we avoid one emergency,  we have already amortized it.