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TOP STOP® - The solution!

How many times have we had to receive a patient without an appointment because of problems with the wire?
TOP STOP keeps the arch in its place and protects both ends, so it is imposible that wire ends can hurt a patient.

Does Latex?

Does not contain latex. It's a totally harmless.

Why is blue and no other colors?

After an exhaustive study of different colors, they reached the following conclusions: that the color that less is degraded in the mouth is blue (not as transparent in a few days they turn into yellow-brown), that colors affect the properties of materials and used for the Top-Stop ® leaves unchanged its properties as well as allowing better visibility when you remove it and put it to the professional as well not be anything that affects the aesthetics of the patient .

When placed at the end of the
archwire did not make an effect of anterior protrusion?

In all, since the materials it is made are elastic and total freedom of movement makes the archwires, not as in the case of metal caps, "composite balls" or the distal archwire to bend, behind the tube , circumstances that if you drop the archwire. In addition to the interior margin of the cap of the Top-Stop ® makes it harmless.

What is sometimes used the Top-Stop ®?

It is an element of prevention of ulcers in the mucosa and prevent emergencies, which causes a bow out of the molar tube, so it is used from the first day throughout the treatment is not an element to use once it appears the wound in the mucosa (though obviously better late than never), or for use only when the patient goes on vacation. The end of the Top-Stop ® is to prevent emergencies in our office.

Is it expensive to Top-Stop ®?

Categorically NO. In a total of orthodontic treatment for a patient, "increase" costs € 30 in total. If this is not anything in the total budget of treatment, there is evidence that not only is money you have to put the patient or professional, if not the orthodontist that saves us a lot of money. If you use a top-stop consultation how long should we invest over the treatment for that patient to receive urgent and "cut the wire that has been left over after the molar tubes, or by putting this" composite ball "or changed by another new bow adapted to the new length of the archwire (if he left because he has been running short to protrude an arcade) or having to put new Bracket arc because the pain and despair to the urgency, the patient what cut or ripped?

Why can exit the Top-Stop ®?

Because it is well placed. A dentist in general gives us "fear" change our ways, which we are reluctant to let the overhanging archwire distal molar tubes of 2-3 mm, because we have all our lives by cutting the flush pipe archwires. HAVE NO FEAR, is how the Top-Stop ® is subject to and repeat, without affecting the arc.

Why do I break the Top-Stop ® when separated from the stick?

For sure you have caught with Mathieu clamp the ring, pulling it. Remember, hold the stick, pick it up pinching the cap of the Top-Stop ® and pull again and hold it separately through the ring to take it to the patient's mouth and place.

Does it go the same way in tubes that are welded to the belt as direct bonding tubes?

Not at all, is a small and simple variation is explained both in the leaflet that accompanies the product box and on this website (more information).

Can we use the Top-Stop ® in any fixed orthodontic technique?

Indeed, no matter what technique you use to take advantage of the Top-Stop ®, whether it is always useful, the technique of Self-Ligating Bracket much more, because if there's a tendency to drag down the wire to slide from side another is greater and we repeat, quiet, will not affect the function of the arc.

Can we use the Top-Stop ® when using two arcs in the same archwire, with the twin pipes?

Yes, measures of the Top-Stop ® are designed for use with one or two bows simultaneously, whatever the size of the arc, thus you do not need a stock in your practice with different sizes, colors, etc.. The top-stop is an element to make life easier for the orthodontist, never to complicate what we already have.

Can you put the top-Stop ® in the pipes of the second molars?

Of course, it is designed for both tubes welded to the pipe band and cemented, regardless of whether they are single, double, size and brand of the tubes or whatever the last tooth in which they are placed in the 6 or the 7.

These are the questions that have arisen among professionals start marketing the product TOP-STOP ®, however, to more technical questions or concerns you might have, feel free to contact our company This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or with the orthodontist who devised and patented This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Thank you very much.