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TOP STOP® - The solution!

How many times have we had to receive a patient without an appointment because of problems with the wire?
TOP STOP keeps the arch in its place and protects both ends, so it is imposible that wire ends can hurt a patient.

TOP STOP® - The definite solution

Over 95% of the orthodoncic emergencies are because the arch slides or comes out from the molar tube, therefore hurting the patient’s mucous which will after derive into very painful traumatic ulcers, and will require  our attention on the shortest possible time.

The problem

The solution

Until now, in order to avoid this situation, we only used the “orthodontic wax” and the “distal cut pliers”.

Although the “orthodontic wax” is useful for the sores that bracketts produce in the mucous, it is not when we are dealing with the orthodontic arches, wire ends goes through the orthodontic wax very easily.

The distal end cutter at the beginning, edge cut the arch at distal of the molar tube; but as this arch produces changes on the length of this arcade from one visit of the patient to the other, this has suffered movements which make the arch to stick out from behind the molar tube, or to increase the length of the dental arcade, so that the arch which has been cut to the initial size, starts getting shorter and sticks at mesial from the molar tube.

Other unwanted situation, but very common, happens when we put a round arch and , after a few days, it starts moving from left to right, coming out from a tube and at the same time sticking out from  the other end at distal of the opposite tube.

The TOP-STOP® is the solution, as it keeps the arch on its place and protects the ends, so it is impossible that the patient can suffer injuries produced by the arch.

How many times have we had to receive a patient whom “the wire is hurtting”?

This situation upsets both the patient as well as the doctor, which makes him lose time, money and prestige.

TIME: Obviously, as we have to use the dental chair in order to see that patient and not another patient, besides the delay that suffers the patient who had a prior appointment and is waitting for their turn at the waitting room.

MONEY: The maxim “time is money” fulfils here. there is another factor; many tmes the arch which came out  from its place  and it loses its shape or, as it is hurting the patient, he simply cuts it. both situations make the arch useless, so we have to replace it for a new one, increasing the expenses of the treatment.

PRESTIGE: There is nothing worse than an unsatisfied patient, because of the pain he has suffered, or because it was weekend and could not contact us, which increases the stess and the patient’s annoyance. the patient will always “blame” us and you know “orthodontic hurts”.

If we put together the scarce of time, money and prestige, the result is an “explosive cocktail” for our dental office.

To fit the TOP-STOP® we do not need sophisticated instruments, special qualifications nor time, as it will take us just a few seconds (With “mathieu wire ligating  pliers” or similar). We only have to let the arch stick out a pair of milimeters from distal the molar tube: we will cover that end with the hood of the TOP-STOP®, with the help of the mathieu pliers we pull the rings in order to surround the molar tube of the band.



The TOP-STOP® can be used in simple archs as well as when we use two archs simultaneously in the same arcade; also for sectional archs.

It is not an expensive element, therefore we can change it in each monthly appointment as we do with the bracketts ties. (4 units in each appointment).